Faces.  By age 40, we each have the one we deserve.  So said George Orwell.   

             Here are links to faces I've posted here, belonging to people I liked or disliked enough to profile.   Some are current.  Most are historical.  All are interesting 

             Click on the names and look in their eyes.  Then decide if you'd want them home for dinner. 

J. Edgar Hoover and Melvin Purvis, circa 1934.


John Quincy Adams

Chester A. Arthur

George H.W. Bush

George W. Bush

Jimmy Carter

Grover Cleveland

Calvin Coolidge

Gerald R. Ford

James A. Garfield

Ulysses Grant

Jacques Cousteau, 1947.
Warren G. Harding

Herbert Hoover

Abraham Lincoln

Barack Obama

Ronald Reagan

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

 Woodrow Wilson

Trouble makers:

Susan B. Anthony

Mel Brooks

Eugene V. Debs

James Fisk, Jr.

Emma Goldman

Jay Gould

William Herbert Hunt and Nelson Bunker Hunt (The Hunt Brothers)

William "Big Bill" Haywood

Lucretia Mott

Thomas Paine

Leon Trotsky

Santa Claus (as drawn by Tom Nast)

Victoria Woodhull

Emma Goldman, 1919. 

Rod Blagoyevich

Blanche Bruce

Joseph G. Cannon

Al Franken

Alan Greenspan

Wladyslaw Jagiello  (King of Poland, 1400s)

George W. Norris

Henry Paulson

Charles H. Percy

Jozef Pilsudski  (Polish independence, 1918)

Anwar El Sadat (president of Egypt)

William M. "Boss" Tweed
German Jews, 1867.


Louis D. Brandeis

Clarence Darrow

Alberto Gonzales

Nicholas Katzenbach

Cops - Good and Bad:

Marlborough Churchill

William "Big Bill" Flynn

J. Edgar Hoover

Nicholas Katzenbach

Ms. Pat Garrett (wife of New Mexico sheriff, 1880s)


Michael Jackson
George W. Norris (R.-Neb.), 1910. 

Caroline Kennedy

Marilyn Monroe

John Riggins

Artists (all types):

Jacques Cousteau

Thomas Nast

Ocean Diver

Ostrovsta Rebbe

Saint Patrick

Girl in Ostrowiec, Poland, circa 1925.

Jay Gould, circa 1870.