About Me

Me and an old friend at an undisclosed location last summer.
I’m Ken Ackerman and writing history has been a passion 
of mine for almost forty years, and politics an obsession since the 1960s.  To me, history has to have a purpose, to tell truth, to point direction, to provoke thought.  It has to tell a story. 

I’m especially drawn to neglected topics like the Gilded Age, 
the post-World War I Red Scare, or old ocean divers — blind 
spots in our collective memory that point to raw nerves.

When not writing, I practice law in Washington, D.C.  Before that, I held a sting of political spots on Capitol Hill (staff counsel to two different US Senate Committees) and in two Administrations (Bill Clinton's and Ronald Reagan's, an R and a D), and at a regulatory agency called the CFTC.

But enough about me. Hope you enjoy the Blog. Humor me on the attitude. –KenA

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And on with the Blog---