Thursday, February 16, 2012

POLITICS: President Obama's 2013 Budget

A Viral History first
Rather than giving you a long, complicated post about President Obama's 2013 budget, with lots of confusing charts and small print, this time I decided simply to ask a friend to hold his i-Phone camera while I just told you what was up, face to face.  So here it is, our first video. 

Please humor us on the rough edges.  Over time, we'll get sharper with our production values.  But for now, let us know if you think the experiment a successs -- and don't be shy about constructive criticisms!  This is new territory for us.  And, of course, special thanks to our excellent cinematographer, Peter Matz.

By the way, the source for all the charts I've used here is the Historical Tables section of President Obama's 2013 budget, straight from the OMB web page.   Enjoy.  Just click on the image above.



Anonymous said...

This video made a rather complicated process far easier to comprehend. Good job! As for the camera work- a inexpensive holder for the iPhone can make a big difference in stability- that is of course until you take the "professional" route!

C.M. Mayo said...

Thanks Ken, this was crystal clear!

Paula said...


That was really well done. Excel is an often under-appreciated piece of software.

One question, I know that when Obama came into office, they changed how they were accounting for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and I know that added to the deficit. Does that have any impact on your charts?

Thanks again, that was a great way of simplifying a complicated subject!