Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Coming soon -- Viral History Press !!

The first four titles for Viral History Press - coming October.  No kitchen should be without them. 

Mark your calendars.  Something new is coming in October: Viral History Press.

Viral History Press, LLC is our latest business venture, a new, cutting-edge, independent small publishing house.  Like Viral History Blog, the new Press dedicates itself to keeping history alive, vital, and relevant.

History zealots -- you are not alone!

New technology has changed the face of publishing.  The Internet creates freedom, puts power in the hands of individuals, and opens exciting new opportunities for direct, instant contact.  eBooks, print-on-demand, mobile applications, iPads and slates, have shaken the roots of traditional reading, and waves of change keep pounding the beach. 
Viral History Press is our attempt to use new tools to empower writers.  We will use new technology to reach readers directly: 
  • Physical books via print-on-demand, through, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets;
  • e-Books through Kindle, Nook, and Apple: 
  • Audiobooks through iTunes and, and 
  • Blogging to keep in touch instantly on daily issues.   
Flat Stanley loved Boss Tweed.  So too did the New York Times Book
,  Washington Post Book World, NPR's "On Point,"  among others.
And they'll all love the new Viral History Press edition - coming October.  
To get started, I have obtained back the publishing rights for each of my own four books: Boss Tweed, Young J. Edgar, Dark Horse, and The Gold Ring, previously released by houses including Perseus, Harper Collins, Avalon Group, and Dodd Mead.   Viral History Press has partnered with terrific artists like Zaccarine Design, Inc., of Evanston, Illinois, and Studio 6 Sense of Madison, Wisconsin, to convert these titles into top-quality PoDs and eBooks.   We plan to roll them out in new editions in October and November.  

Once we've worked out the publishing kinks on these, we plan to expand.  Our vision is to make Viral History Press LLC a resource for readers and writers with a special love of history and politics: writers with terrific backlist books, biographers, historians, activists, historical novelists, family sleuths and genealogists.  Being small and independent, we can tailor contracts to give writers bigger upside returns, minimize cost, side-step bureaucracy, and make best use of nimble, web-based marketing.        

That's the vision.  Now the hard work.  Keep an eye out for us in October, and in the meantime visit our new (still very rough) web page at 


C.M. Mayo said...

Congratulations, this is fantastic!!! I am wishing you every success!!!

Leslie Sussan said...

What an exciting new approach to making history alive for more readers!