Sunday, May 4, 2008

LA Times Book Fair

Yes, in case you thought you saw me in the crowd, I was out in California last weekend for the LA Times book festival, and it was a treat. I spoke on a panel titled "Biography: Infamous Lives," where I delivered one of my typical spell-binding, clever, insightful orations about young J. Edgar Hoover for a packed room of 300+ people. Joining me on the panel were Nancy Isenberg (Aaron Burr) and Michael Neufeld (Werner Von Braun), and moderator Scott Berg.  Any of you lucky enough to watch C-SPAN BookTV that day saw it live.

It was a fun trip. The LA Times festival draws a huge crowd to the UCLA campus, with plenty of atmosphere, dozens of interesting, esoteric booths, and a taste of Hollywood. While there, I also did an interview with Blogger Paul Huebl ("Crime, Guns, and Videotape") which he posted on Google Video.  Check it out below.  Enjoy.



jb said...

The April 25-26 book fair in LA will introduce new book by Vahid Razavi, Iranian American entrepreneur who gained priceless experiences by traveling the world and trying to find similarities with people. He is explaining the current situation in places like IRAN, USA, Serbia etc.
Also, he said that for some people travel is a way of life and it does not necessarily include 5 star hotels and vacations on the far away beaches. There are so many other ways to experience different cultures and enrich ones life. There is a book that talks allot about these kind of things, it is a travel journal of an Iranian American entrepreneur traveling in Balkans, called The Age of Nepotism. Our booth number in UCLA is 683 Zone F, if you are in the neighborhood come on over and pay us a visit. You also can visit the site

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